ONE DAY TOUR TO THE MIDDLE COUNTRY Inspection of a rubber estate with workers engaged in tapping rubber and collecting latex. Inspecting pineapple estate where will be offered delightful, juicy,…


I offered the following Services  Ayurveda Tours Wedding arrangements according to rites, customs, practices, traditions and culture of Sri Lanka. River safari Wild life safari Water sport and other services…


Ancient Kingdoms Anuradhapura The ancient capital of Sri Lanka with its world famous ancient Sacred Bo Trees, Ruwanvelimahaseya – The largest dagaba, ruins, ancient marvelous irrigation network, masterpieces of archeological…


Adventure Sports Surfing For those who intend engage in surfing May to September is the best period as the winds are strongest during this period. Bentota Beache is famous for…

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Anne Marie

We returned from our Sri Lankan tour on the 25th of May. Accommodations, food, transportation and tour guide Shiran were wonderful and extremely knowledgeable. We have traveled with Shiran Tours. Will definitely travel with Shiran Tours again.

Anne Marie Sri Lanka
Mark Wang

The trip to Sri Lanka was a wonderful trip. Took it 3 weeks ago and both the trip and the Shiran Tours service will make you want to travel with them again! Great trip with great service.

Mark Wang Sri Lanka